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Laser Engraving

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TRS UK Agents In House Laser Engraved Anilox Rollers

TRS UK Agents In-house laser engraving facility of Anilox rollers for the offset industry.
We are market leaders in Standard, Added Value and Speciality engravings, suitable for all applications and presses.  We offer a bespoke service in specialist coating applications using the Anilox and Tresu Chamber system.

This service is aimed at Offset Printers wishing to give  "Added Value" products to their portfolio. All U/V and water based coatings can be applied with minimum disruption and maximum visual effect within the normal operation of the coating unit in the machine.

Our  laser engraving facility, enables specifications  to suit particular applications not normally associated or recognised as being possible with an Anilox roller.

Part exchanges and specification upgrades are welcome, prices on application.

TRS UK Agents Laser Engraving