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Tresu Chamber Seals

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TRESU chamber end seals are available to suit all sizes of TRESU chamber profiles. TRESU seals are suitable for water based / uv and solvent applications.
  • Patented TRESU Product
  • Perfect sealing
  • Fast seal change

  • All sizes available from D2 to D5 in black EPDM
  • Suitable for both UV and water based lacquers.
  • All sizes available from D2 to D5 in clear Desmopan.
  • Suitable for water based lacquers only.

Tresu chamber end seals are sold in boxes of 50 or a minimum quantity of 20. If you are unsure on the size you require please give us a call on 01706 880086

Tresu Chamber End Seals are an essential component for the effective and efficient running of Doctor Blade Chambers.